The Sacred Sunwheel Odinist Kindred (Wotansvolk), also known as “Order of the Sacred Sunwheel” and/or “Sunwheel Kindred” is a religious organization that operates as a unincorporated nonprofit association (1) based on the affirmation of Nature-Based Spirituality  (1), (2), (3), (4), the revival of European Paganism (1), (2), (3), (4) and the study, practicepromotion and advancement of our Pan-European Pagan religion of Wotanism*.

(*Also referred to as Asatru/Odinism, Pan-European ÔðalismFolkish Heathenry/Völkisch Paganism or simply the European Religion. All of Europe had a common religion with slightly different interpretations among the Euro-Tribes with of course linguistic variants. For example, in Norway there are so many regional dialects that one can better understand someone from Sweden or Denmark than a person from another village. Germanic Heathenry is called Asatru (God-Faith). Slavic Heathenry is called Rodnovery (Native Faith). Lithuanian Heathenry is called Romuva (The Temple). Finnish Heathenry is called Suomenusko (Finnish Faith). Latvian Heathenry is called Dievturi (God-Keepers). Prussian Heathenry is called Druwi (The Faith). Estonian Heathenry is called Maausk meaning “Native Faith”along with another variant called Taarausk meaning “Taara Faith”. Celtic Heathenry is called Celtic Reconstructionism. Note: There are many other tribal, ethnic and national forms of European Paganism such as Urglaawe (Pennsylvania Dutch Heathenry), Wodenism (English Heathenry), Irminism (Esoteric Germanic Heathenry) and Theodism (Anglo-Saxon Tribal Heathenry). However, we focus on Wotanism (and see Odalism as a form of Wotanism) as a common Pan-European Paganism with an understanding that there is a spiritual unity that underlies Europe. The Asatru Folk Assembly has taken this view also).

Theologically, we

  1. Affirm the Pantheism to Panentheism spectrum (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)
  2. Uphold Revised Cosmotheism (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8), (9)
  3. Support Symbolic Polytheism and Jungian Archetypes (1), (2), (3)
  4. Agree with Philosophical Naturalism over supernaturalism
  5. Support the study of Esoteric National Socialism (1), (2), (3), (4)
  6. Advocate the spiritual unity (1) and interfaith discussion between Dual Seedline Christian Identity-adherents (1), (2Mormon Fundamentalists (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), Creators (1), (2)  Wotansvolk and other folkish kin of variant religious-systems and assert WotanismIdentity and early Mormonism(1) as having been formed by Adepts in the Mystery Religions as declared by our late prophet David Eden Lane (Wodensson) in the Pyramid Prophecy (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7) and completely reject all forms of Secular Imperialism and Universalist Religion. (1), (2), (3), (4) We highly suggest one read Why Wotanism and the Pyramid Prophecy?
  7. Believe that the highest law of Nature (1), (2), (3) is the preservation of one’s own kind (1) and that Nature’s Laws (partly discerned through the 88 Precepts) must be the mediator between religious discussions between our Folk with the divinely-mandated Fourteen Words (1) being the central doctrine for any such unification (1), (2), (3)
  8. Support the Asatru Folk Assembly, Odinic Rite, Odinia International  and other affiliated groups but are an independent religious organization (Independent Pagan Church / Heathen Kindred).
  9. Affirm the religious doctrine of 14 Words as divinely-mandated from what Men call the Creator (the force or intelligence that is referred to as the Godhead Absolute or Nature and Nature’s God(1)) in accordance with the highest law of Nature (1), (2), (3) which is the preservation of one’s own kind which is part of the individual’s Purpose of Life (1), (2).
  10. Regard the 88 Precepts of David Eden Lane (Wodensson) as sacred scripture and we regard David Lane as having been a Prophet whose Pyramid Prophecy (including Mystery Religions and the Seven Seals (1) and the Hermetic Bible) is the basis of revived Wotanism (1).
  11. Believe that Creed of Iron: Wotansvolk WisdomTemple of Wotan: Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes and other religious writings by David Lane, Ron McVan and others in the Priesthood of Wotanism (such as Varg Vikernes (1) or Georg Baldurson (1)) are authoritative concerning our Wotanist religion, as declared by Wodensson (1).
  12. Uphold Varg Vikernes (1),  as our living prophet (1) and central spiritual teacher (1) along with his wife Marie (1). Please see “Why The European Religion?” below.

Why the European Religion?

BulgarianItalianoРусскийСрпски. Spanish.

The native European religion, traditions, customs, culture and world view, is known in slightly different hues from all over Ancient Europe. This Pagan religion is the religion of our blood and soil, and like a mind can not be separated from the body this religion can not be separated from us; without it we will cease to be. Without it we will die, like we do today, because we don’t practice it. With the re-introduction of the European religion we will start to live like we did before, in harmony with ourselves and our environment, and be able to cultivate our racial peculiarities, known to have brought forth philosophy, mathematics, architecture, beautiful music, sculptures, paintings, poetry, medicine, astronomy and all sorts of technology.


The European religion promotes not some fictional otherworldly “Paradise” as the ultimate goal for each individual man, but instead the eternal life on the soil of the forebears, and immortality through Honour. There is no contempt for the Earth, no description of Earth as something you have to “endure” or “tolerate” until you can move on to something better. The European religion promotes the Earth and life on Earth as something good, valuable and meaningful, and holds the Honourable life as the highest ideal. Life is lived with the betterment of everything in mind, the preservation of the good and the promotion of Honour: the Honourable European Pagan lives his life knowing – or if you prefer believing – that he will himself be re-born by his own children or grand children after he has died, so he does his best to make life as good as possible for those who comes after him. He will not deplete any resources or chop down entire woods for profit, because he knows that he will himself need them in his next life. All he does well in this life will be to his own benefit in his next, and he will only be reborn if he lives and dies with Honour.


The European Religion is not just our religion; it is the quintessence of the European man! The mind and spirit of Europe! Without the European Religion the European man is like a computer without software (e. g. an Atheist), or with software that is not or only partly compatible with the hardware (e. g. Buddhist) or even with malicious software (like a virus) working to destroy everything inside (e. g. a Christian or Muslim). He is not working properly, if at all, and he will crash. Re-boot if you like, every time you crash, but be prepared to crash again and keep crashing until you remove all viruses and install the right software. You can. Everything you need is here, in the ≈30 oldest posts on this blog. HailaR WôðanaR!

Read more about the European (Pagan) religion.the-temple-of-diana-as-it-looked-bce-one-of-the-seven-wonders-of-the-ancient-world

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odins The Center-Point, Axis Mundi, World Tree, Absolute Reality. The Su-asti-ka is the holiest symbol in existence, no matter it’s form and no matter any desecration.



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