David Eden Lane on early Mormonism


“True Masons formed the Mormon religion, which was originally racially exclusive and taught polygamy. But the race-murdering U.S. government, riddled with apostate and ignorant “Craftsmen,” persecuted the Mormons until they, also, accepted apostasy, multi-racialism and monogamy. Federal, State and local judges, lawyers, prosecutors, police powers, military officers, merchants and politicians use the once sacred craft, signs, countersigns and secrets to promote greed, self-interest and injustice. The courts are filled with perjury, false evidence and injustice and Masons are accomplices. The Temple is become an unclean spirit.

The Creator gave instincts for separation, for territorial imperatives, for self-preservation to each race and species. Racial integration and the inevitable miscegenation which follows destroys what the Creator has formed. Shall the race of Edison, Ford, Bacon, Shakespeare, Bell, Galileo, and on and on, now die because the sons of the widows’ sons dishonor their forebears? The predecessors of Speculative Freemasonry, Guardians of the Mysteries, made great sacrifices, even the ultimate sacrifice, in order to combat the evil religion from Judea and Rome which had turned all Europe into a gigantic slave camp for a thousand years. But today’s Masons exchange the slavery of Judeo-Christianity for the genocide (the murder of the Aryan race) by Judeo-America. Neo-Masonry is a new heresy, properly called Judeo-Masonry. On the Great {sic} Seal of the United States, seen on the back of a dollar bill over the eagle, we see that thirteen pentacle stars, representing the individual states, coalesce to form a hexagram or Star of David, used by the tribe that owns and controls the once-White nations. The symbolism is clear that the United States would be used to build the world Zionist empire, and that’s exactly what has happened. The Pentagon, by no accident, became the police department of that empire, and America became a red, white and blue travelling, mass murder machine, unmatched in efficiency and brutality by even the first head of the beast, Judeo-Christianity.

So, now in this age of technological nightmares and spiritual vacuum, we not only see Prometheus again crucified on Mount Caucus, but the Aryan race (some call Caucasian) is crucified on Mount Zion. New Agers pervert the ancient Mysteries with childish doctrines of Universal Love, denying that the Creator made lions to eat lambs and life to be struggle. The worshipful masters turn the lodges into cesspools of iniquity and ignorance. ” – http://www.davidlane1488.com/mason.html


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