Odinia on “Jewish Supremacists”; Heathens Against White Genocide / Hávamál 127: Declaration of War against the Universalists

Vice came out with an article titled: “Racists Are Threatening to Take Over Paganism

Seana Fenner at Odinia responded to the article:


And she is very prolific in defending native European Paganism against Jewish Supremacists who are trying to subvert the revival of the ancient faith to their own malignant ends.

false flag.png

Despite the term UNIVERSALIST being more broad, Seana Fenner is accurate in using the term JEWISH SUPREMACIST as there really are Jews trying to subvert native European Paganism to advance causes of White Genocide. (More on Universalism near the end of this hodgepodge of an article)

seth chagiseth chagii

Both “The Troth” (which has fewer likes on Facebook than the Asatru Folk Assembly despite the AFA’s pages being removed) and “Alliance For Inclusive Heathenry” are operated by a Jewess.


And of course they are subverting the revival of the ancient native faith for Judaic interests. 

ethnic interests.pngf8f8


We are fairly familiar with the universalist appropriation of our native European faith for anti-White ends. To wit: When you see misdeeds, speak out against them, and give your enemies no frið” – Hávamál 127

Hávamál 127 applies to the universalists who have usurped symbols of our cultural heritage.

Hávamál 127 is a declaration of war against the universalists.

We uphold the 14 Words and teachings of Wodensson.

“The biggest enemy we face today is a mindset of Universalism that has been cleverly programmed into our people for nearly 1,700 years. Look up the word “Catholic” in an unabridged dictionary. You will see it is Greek in origin and literally means “universal.” The Christian religion was created from the myths and faiths of many older religions in order to unite the many races, nations, and cultures of the degenerate Roman Empire. Of course the financial power behind Rome had themselves proclaimed “God’s chosen people” in the new religion, then hired the Roman legion to murder everyone in Europe that wouldn’t accept it. Most of the stories about Jews being persecuted are as phony as the so-called Holocaust dogma.

Today Universalism is also taught by secular institutions such as schools, governments and the media.

I believe it is a mistake to hate every Jew, Christian, or American, even though their institutions are determined to mix us out of existence. But nonetheless, as long as they embrace Universalism, they are our mortal enemies and it is a war to the death between us and them.

For two centuries, the Christians and Americans have given the white man’s food, technology, medicine, and wealth to colored races. And now they surrender the last of our territory, power, and women. This is insanity caused by a Universalist mindset. Nature declares separate, exclusive territory for the survival of each race and specie. And nature’s laws declare inter-specie compassion to be suicidal if it is detrimental to our own race or species.”


We believe in Folkish Heathen Counterculture.

To that end, we have established


And we have issued Hávamál 127: Declaration of War Against the Universalists

As many know, those whom we shall call “Universalists“, who control the affairs of the world, are determined to mix and destroy the uniqueness, integrity and beauty of all different races, nations and cultures for their “New World Order“, or as seen in the so called Great Seal of the United States, their Novus Ordo Seclorum. 

In this case, the word Universalists encompasses a multitude of mindless meddlers with doctrines labeled Zionism, Judeo-Christianity, Liberalism, New Agism, and others. But regardless of their underlying doctrine they unite in labeling those of us who resist the mixing and destruction of our White Race as bigots, racists, haters, and the like. Even though we act in obedience to Nature’s first and highest law, which is the preservation of one’s own kind. Many of you know that obedience to that Law, as elucidated in the 14 Words, “We must secure the existence of our People and a future for White Children”, is my life’s mission.

Unfortunately too many of our White Folk when first becoming aware that Our Race faces extinction as a result of miscegenation, and the denial of exclusive territorial imperatives, then turn their anger against folks of different hues, be they black, brown or yellow. That first reaction is myopic and plays directly into the hands of the Universalist media who label their anger as hate. Well it is long past time that the record is set straight. I, for one, do not hate anyone because of their race, color or other ethnic, cultural or religious difference.

In fact I like to think I have friends among all those divisions. At the same time, I remain intellectually honest and recognize the distinct differences in the races as they were formed by what America’s Founding Fathers called, “Nature and Nature’s God”.

The real hate I feel is for the traitors of my own Race, who embrace universalist mixing with the inevitable subsequent extinction of my White Race as happened in Carthage, Egypt, Persia, and so many places throughout history. History and Nature’s Law make it absolutely cleat that racial integration is racial suicide for the White Race.

It is Nature who declares exclusive territorial imperatives for the development and preservation of each Race and specie. Denial of that exclusive territorial imperative, whether by slave traders, open borders, forced bussing, and a plethora of other plots and devices is the true “hate crime”. And at this juncture and circumstance it is deliberate malicious genocide, the murder of the White Aryan Race, who are a small minority of Earth’s population. We are perhaps eight percent of Earth’s population, but far less when considering those of child bearing age or younger, and we are denied all exclusive territorial imperatives. 

Here in America we live under a Universalist regime that has traveled from Dixie to Cuba, to Mexico, to various South and Central American countries, to Italy, to Germany twice, to Korea, to Vietnam, To Libya, to Iraq, to Iran, to Waco, to Ruby Ridge, and on and on, the maim or murder perhaps 200 million people, half of them White, for their Universalist New World Order. Is it not time we turned our attention toward our real enemy or enemies?

Some of you may know my personal 14 Words and my motivation, which are “because the beauty of the White Aryan Woman must not perish from the Earth“. How many of you know that only about two percent of Earth’s population are young White Women? Will you help to save their images of Earth? It is going to be the most titanic struggle in all history! We must not lose!


The best are condemned to useless lives,
When chaos reigns and the merchant thrives.
The basest sort then make sport,
Of those who die with anguished cry,
Because they told the nation’s fate.


Gods of the rabble are greed and lust,
Love and honor turned to dust.
Patriots in cages and liars as sages,
The tyrants rage in every age,
When true men tell the nation’s fate.


Black is white and evil is good,
And nothing pure is understood.
Emotions grow cold and the future is sold.
The senses are sated and the prophets are hated,
Who foretell the nation’s fate.

The state and the press and the church are a tool,
An honest man is labeled a fool.
Every man must abase, culture, kin and even race,
Or face the fearsome despot’s plan, to destroy every man,
Who foretells the nation’s fate.


The whores of the merchants pave the road to hell,
Twisting words to weave a spell.
Master deceivers, making believers,
Misleading men with a cunning pen,
To hate those who tell of the nation’s fate.




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