Stephen McNallen’s “new and improved” 14 Words

Maybe somebody could tell me who David Lane was referring to when he authored the article Crossing the Rubiconin which he left nameless a “leader” who promotes a “new and different” 14 Words. David went on to say: “In 1836 would he have changed ‘Remember the Alamo’ to ‘We must change the thinking of Texans?’ Should one dilute a sacred motto?”

Because I have a strong feeling that he was referring to McNallen, and even if not, McNallen hailed from Texas and has now come out of the woodwork promoting “Wotanism” and upholding his own form of 14 Words.

“The existence of my people is not negotiable.” – Stephen A. McNallen

We do think it is a good thing the AFA is now an explicitly pro-White organization and that McNallen has taken a positive, pro-White stand with four points:  1. Race is real. 2. Race is important. 3. I love my race. 4. I will defend my race.


Both sets of 14 Words in their original state total 741,

have 61 letters and 20 syllables

and the 14 Words are a sacred motto.

You either stand for the 14 Words or you don’t. And in the comments of the one video, McNallen was shy on the whole David Lane thing, when somebody pointed it out and that is messed up.



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