The AFA is doing well compared to the Troth

Despite the AFA’s pages being removed at various intervals, the AFA is doing exceedingly well compared to the Troth.

afa vs troth.png


And guess what? Odinia was right!

Odinia on “Jewish Supremacists”; Heathens Against White Genocide / Hávamál 127: Declaration of War against the Universalists

seth chagiseth chagii

Both “The Troth” (which has fewer likes on Facebook than the Asatru Folk Assembly despite the AFA’s pages being removed) and “Alliance For Inclusive Heathenry” are operated by a Jewess.


And of course they are subverting the revival of the ancient native faith for Judaic interests. 

ethnic interests.pngf8f8




One thought on “The AFA is doing well compared to the Troth

  1. I’m glad to hear it. In my time publishing with Renegade, I remember reading of Chagi.

    He was a clown.

    His antics were charades. His followers were dupes.

    At any rate, it is high time Spirituality in the Nationalist sphere be reclaimed by level headed practioners. Not by larpers, chumps and parasites.

    I recall Odinia’s earlier Redes. I enjoyed them, on a similar level to hearing of Universalism’s failure.



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