Temple Of Wotan maintains girls should be mothers at a “very young” age; Precept 34

We have always maintained that women should marry at 16 to 20, give or take a few years. This is in accordance with the teachings of David Eden Lane and of course Varg Vikernes. We not only teach that women should ideally marry at 16 to 20 but our religion of Wotanism as codified by David Eden Lane also mandates polygamy for those of our men who kill enemies of our Folk and it also maintains the capture and re-education of women. This is readily verifiable and we challenge anybody criticizing us (for example GallowsTree “Wotansvolk Alliance“) to use David Eden Lane’s writings to show us where it goes against the teachings of Wotanism for a 23 year old guy to marry a 16 year old woman, or even for a guy who is 25 to “kidnap” a 16 year old chick out of highschool and make a wife out of her.

It’s ironic to see for example Kondo say that they uphold David Eden Lane and the 14 Words and 88 Precepts when David Eden Lane wrote very clear and codified polygamy in Wotanism, women marrying at 16 as well as using force of arms to carve out a White Ethnostate and the capture of women.

And we never got MP’s fucking pages removed. The same people that did that just got Wotan Network taken off of Twitter and got the AFA’s pages removed. https://positivethoughtproject.blogspot.com/2017/07/banned-on-facebook.html

Page 254 of TEMPLE OF WOTAN:

Wotanist families should make every effort to homeschool their children and avoid the public education system as much as possible. Today’s schools are not  designed to efficiently educate children, but instead  program them for a morally incorrect and material-centric  standardized society. If you truly care about your children, then by a means teach them the truth about our Aryan history and encourage them in
all fields of knowledge, heritage and creative endeavor. Most great men and women in history have been brought up in comparative solitude, have been self-motivated or refused to accept the limiting mold of institutionalized schooling. As long as the hereditary qualities of Aryan man remain present, the strength and the audacity of our forefathers can be resurrected in modern man by our own will.

The family is part of the whole biological inheritance of the individual and such inheritance is crucial in the formation of a race. A healthy family is one that grows together and shares much quality time together. Ideally women should be mothers when they are still very young, thus, they would not be isolated from their children by a temporal gap too great to be bridged, even by love. It is important that the development of our children’s minds rest squarely on the shoulders of the parents. Never should it be dependent upon the unnatural, wholesale herd mentality of institutions. Home-schooling should always be a first choice for Wotanist families. If this is not possible, then private tutoring is an alternative choice. The democratic principle of mass man and generic learning has contributed to the collapse of civilization in opposing the development of higher, unrestricted, mind potential and the striving towards excellence.


We uphold the teachings of David Eden Lane. David Lane ordered the “kidnapping” of women: “First of all, you better realize that our women are not coming back by friendly persuasion. We have exactly nothing to offer. They scoff at us and spit in our faces, calling us the system buzz words like “sexist” and “racist.” So, you are going to take them back the way it has been done throughout the ages of history. That is why nature made you bigger, faster, stronger and a creature of lust. If your women had been captured by foreign armies with guns, you would not hesitate to take them back with guns. Do you not see that they were captured with money and deceit, but they are just as gone”.

“Well, Whitey, the time of reckoning is at hand. Stand up now or face racial extinction. Build a homeland or die trying. There is no longer anything to lose except slander and slavery. It’s time to get tough, physically and mentally. Put away the beer and the drugs. Turn off the TV. Take a course in real martial arts, not the goofy stuff on TV. Richard Scutari of the Order Bruder Schweigen can point out the proper martial arts discipline, as he is a true expert. 

Join one of the three arms of the resistance. Build a homeland. Learn the skills of survival without modern conveniences. Learn to avoid scrutiny by Big Brother. There can be no more compromise with reality denial.

Until we have a White homeland with defensible borders, or at least secret borders, you will not have many of our beautiful women. And even then for a while you will have to capture them and re-educate them. From time immemorial those out of power have raised armies with promises of plunder, revenge and above all the seizing of women. This is the time of Ragnarok when all false dogmas die. Morality consists of reproduction, survival of the race, and loyalty to our comrades. And not much else.”

“To summarize, let us recognize that revolution only comes from those who are totally disenfranchised. The term “women and minorities,” united against the White male is a clever and deadly efficient strategy, although minorities should read “Vast Majorities.” Only a total revolution with an end to technological police powers, communications, transportation and modern comforts can save our kind now. And the revolution must come from White males.

The poorest of White women today live in splendor undreamed by the Queen of England 200 years ago. All due to the inventions of White males, such as flush toilets, washers, dryers, ranges, telephones, central heating, housing, air conditioning and on and on. Yet they revile us as racists and sexists if we plead for racial loyalty. The more beautiful of our women are centerfolds, TV stars, movie stars, playthings for Skraeling (non-white) athletes, Christian Universalist race mixers, who all bask in adulation and comfort. They will not join our cause and must be saved from their own folly. 

Call it Ragnarok, or Rahowa or Armageddon, or whatever you like, but White men must bring the day of reckoning soon. Some will live, some will die. For those who live, let them enjoy their virgins or facsimiles thereof on this earth.

I have no faith in virgins in paradise. The wives, sisters and daughters of Christian Universalists, Politicians, Lawyers, College Professors and coaches, media prostitutes and a host of other race traitors will be a fine motivation and reward for the true soldiers of our folk who survive.

Maybe Bob Mathews said it best:

“Give your souls to your Gods and load your guns,
It’s time to deal in lead
We are the legions of the damned
The army of the already dead.”

David Lane


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