In all that you do, always consider its benefit or harm upon yourself, your children and your folk.

All that which you do will return to you, sooner or later, for good or for ill. Thus strive always to do good to others, or at least strive always to be just.

Be honest with yourself, and with others, “This above all; to thine own self be trú.

Humanity and especially your own family and folk, has the spark of divinity within it! Protect and nurture that spark.

Give your word sparingly and adhere to it like ironBreak no oath!

In life, your first trust and responsibility should always be to your own folk and people. Yet, be kind and proper to others when possible.

What you have, hold!

Pass on to others only those words which you have personally verified.

Be honest with others and let them know that you expect honesty in return.

The fury of the moment plays folly with the truth; To keep one’s head is a virtue.

Know which battles should be fought, and which battles should be avoided. Also, know when to break off a conflict. There are times when the minions of chaos are simply too strong, or when fate is absolutely unavoidable.

When you gain power, use it carefully and use it well.

Courage and honor endure forever. Their echoes remain when the mountains have crumbled to dust.

Pledge friendship and your services to those who are worthy! Strengthen others of your people and they will strengthen you.

Love and care for your family always, and have the fierceness of a wolf in their protection.

Honor yourself, have pride in yourself, do your best and forgive yourself when you must.

Try always to be above reproach in the eyes of the world.

Those of your people should always endeavor to settle any differences among themselves quietly and peaceably.

If the laws of the land are beneficial to the folk and family, they should be obeyed.

Have pride in yourself, your family and your folk. They are your promise for the future.

Do not neglect your mate and children.

Every one of our people should work according to the best that he/she can do, no matter how small or great. We are all in this world together, thus we must always help each other along.

One advances individually and collectively only by living in harmony with the natural order of the world.

The seeking of wisdom is a high virtue. Love of truth, honor, courage and loyalty are the hallmarks of the noble soul, (AEthling).

Be prepared for whatever the future brings.

Life, with all its joys, struggles and ambiguities is to be embraced and lived to the fullest.

* These are are the Trú ways of conduct left to us by our Ancestors, strive to honor them and live them well. Place your feet on the path of the Aethling (Noble one), and spurn the ways of the Nithling (Coward, oath breaker, one whom embraces vice and treachery over virtue and honor).



1.) The code is to Honor: Honor yourself with truth and fairness, your word is your bond, give your word power by adhering to it. Honor your family and friends with honor and respect. Honor your love and the way above all else. Honor is the mark of strength and Nobility.

2.) The code is to Protect: Protect with Savagery, your blood and Kin. Let no one or nothing violate your love or way. Let there always be inequity, in defense. Always protect thrice as fiercely as one is attacked. Protect is the mark of a warrior spirit.

3.) The code is to Flourish: Prosperity and growth are key to the survival of the way. Such is the mark of Intelligence.

4.) The code is Knowledge: Knowledge is power. Seek ever to expand the mind. Never stagnate, for knowledge is a gift from the Gods.

5.) The code is Change: Adapting and Changing are important for growth and survival. That which cant adapt or change is doomed to perish. Change is the mark of insight.

6.) The code is Fairness: Pay all debts, pull your own weight, always hear and consider all sides. Treat all others with equality, and fairness, expect the same.

7.) The code is Balance: Remember the law of balance; all that which you do or wish for good or ill shall return to you one day, strive for the good.

8.) The code is Control: Never lease control to anger or be baited by Hostility, never strike a woman unless your life hangs in the balance; never violate the weak or innocent, never tolerate those who do. Control is the mark of a Disciplined mind, a sign of the greatest warriors.

9.) The code is Conflict: Those who follow the way must know the art of combat, weapons and Vengeance. War is part of the path, always be prepared for Hostility, it is a destiny woven in to the fibers of our people. Keep body, mind and training up at all times. Have no remorse in the savagery of conflict. Win, Prevail and Survive.

These codes and virtues only apply to our own, no code or virtue is applicable to “any” Out-Lander.


1.) Courage: Boldness, Bravery, Standing up for what you know and believe is right.

2.) Honesty: Truth in all things be true to yourself & others

3.) Honor: Do as you say and act upon your convictions always “Honor” your Oaths!

4.) Truth: Loyalty to yourself, family, folk, friends and the Gods along with goodness.

5.) Strength: Self Rule, Self Mastery, Self Control, and discipline to Govern yourself by your convictions.

6.) Hospitality: to freely share your gifts with others.

7.) Industriousness: to work whole heartedly, both hard and intelligently. To keep thinking and growing as a person.

8.) Self-Reliance: Free standing, to reply on others as little as possible.

9.) Perseverance: Don’t give up at what you do until you feel it is completed and done well.

“Place your feet on the path of the Atheling and spurn the ways of the Nithling .”



Nine NV
1.Strength is better than weakness
2.Courage is better than cowardice
3.Joy is better than guilt
4.Honour is better than dishonour
5.Freedom is better than slavery
6.Kinship is better than alienation
7.Realism is better than dogmatism
8.Vigor is better than lifelessness
9.Ancestry is better than rootlessness




To maintain candour and fidelity in love and devotion to the tried friend: though he strike me I will do him no scathe.

Never to make wrongsome oath: for great and grim is the reward for the breaking of plighted troth.

To deal not hardly with the humble and the lowly.

To remember the respect that is due to great age.

To suffer no evil to go unremedied and to fight against the enemies of Faith, Folk and Family: my foes I will fight in the field, nor will I stay to be burnt in my house.

To succour the friendless but to put no faith in the pledged word of a stranger people.

If I hear the fool’s word of a drunken man I will strive not: for many a grief and the very death groweth from out such things.

To give kind heed to dead men: straw dead, sea dead or sword dead.

To abide by the enactments of lawful authority and to bear with courage the decrees of the Fates.


Four Seasons-Autumn

Please peruse through the following videos to gain a deeper understanding of the worldview we share.


3 thoughts on “Doctrine

  1. name is Shane. I am the founder and chieftain of the Wolf Owl Kindred. We are interested in fellowshipping with other Asatru’ar? Odinists inthe Port Huron, Michigan area. NO UNIVERSALISTS PLEASE. True brothers and sisters only. Anyone interested may contact me via e-mail at, or my cell (810)-937-6939.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Shane, fact is, we moved to western Montana last month so are no longer active. I will say this, there are a lot of Odinist and Asatruar folk here in this area that we moved to (Kalispell).

      You can try to get in contact with Gallows Tree over in Grand Rapids.

      Thanks for the interest.
      PS, I strongly advocate our folk migrate out this way for a number of reasons. I don’t know all your situation but I recommend the Odinists scattered throughout Vinland migrate to the Pacific Northwest/Northern Mountain states including the northwest portion of Colorado.

      I could write a lot more. But thanks for the interest. The website is in the process of transformation.


      • Hailsa Kinsmen! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you. Actually one of the main goals of the Wolf Owl Kindred IS actually buy a few hundred acres of land in Montana. I would love to be able to get into contact with you in regards to Montana, and all the options available in that state, like the best areas etc. If you would email me or give me a call we would be much obliged. For Family, Faith, & Folk Shane. Chieftain, Wolf Owl Kindred


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