Theological Conception(s) of the Sacred Sunwheel Odinist Kindred (Wotansvolk)

Before we begin, we must provide some initial definitions.


Deism is the belief in an absolute principle reality, or for us an intelligent motivating force throughout the universe and behind Nature’s Laws , that remains unknowable and untouchable. God is viewed as merely the “first cause” and underlying principle of rationality in the universe. Deists believe in a god of nature — a noninterventionist creator — who/that permits the universe to run itself according to natural laws. Like a “clockmaker godinitiating the cosmic process, the universe moves forward, without needing God’s supervision. Deism believes that precise and unvarying laws define the universe as self-operating and self-explanatory. These laws reveal themselves through “the light of reason and nature.” Reliance on the power of reasoning exchanges faith for logic.


David Lane was a Deistic Wotanist:

“I have been asked why, considering my judgements regarding biblical religion, that I do not endorse the atheistic (Correction: Non-Theistic) concept known as the Church of the Creator (Creativity Religion). I’ve expressed admiration for those portions of COTC teachings which seem valuable, but I am not an Atheist any more than a Theist or biblical religionist. In the tradition of the ancients and of many great thinkers of our race, I am a Deist. Echoing the words of far greater thinkers than myself, I see an intelligent motivating force throughout the universe and behind Nature’s Laws.”

Colin Jordan on David Lane in the introduction to David’s book Deceived, Damned & Defiant:

“In the profundity of his racial insight, marking its maturity, he steps outside the narrow racial nationalism of lesser thinkers by proclaiming his concern and his audience to be the “world wide White Family from Europe to America to wherever our Folk are scattered. We are one people and do not recognize artificial divisions by language or geography.” The forthrightness of his fundamental racialism necessarily brings him unhesitatingly to reject the misplace compassion of the addled minds of the contemporary, racially ruinous world. This he does saying, “for Nature declares each is concerned with his own. But under the influence of a universalist religion and imperialist capitalism, we, the White Aryans, have been totally indoctrinated with a misplaced compassion.”

This indoctrination he cites, with the ruthlessness the survival of our race requires, in respect of the rush of Whites to donate whenever the television shows starving Negro children in Africa, commenting,”Every cent given to other races is treason.” He adds with perspicuous brevity, “When we feed, they breed, and soon there will be ten times as many to starve.” He completes the dismal picture of racial jeopardy with the prophetic words, “Fifty to one hundred million Aryans could probably have earth as a permanent paradise, but the industrialization of the third world by capitalists and their religious cohorts will quickly destroy the planet.”

Their “religious cohorts,” as he styles them, are the promoters and upholders of Christianity, which David with his audaciously radical reception does not hesitate to come to grips with as lying at the heart of the matter of his pivotal 14 Words in bearing basic culpability for their disregard. He flatly and fully rejects the creed because of its responsibility for a lethal sickness of the spirit, engendering racial ruination, saying in the twelfth of the 14 points in his White Genocide Manifesto, “That Judeo-Christianity is dedicated to the concept of racial leveling, the oneness of mankind and therefore genocide.”

Not that for one moment he attacks this creed for its conflict with his 14-Word criterion only to leave afterwards some sterile void. The justifying context of this criterion being for him the abiding and determinant Law of Nature, in “Wotansvolk,” he discusses why, as an upholder of that Law of Nature, he is a Deist and as such a Wotanist. In this he spiritualizes the racial struggle, providing a remedy for the spiritual sickness of Christianity, a replacement for its derivative beliefs and practices. 

His uncompromising allegiance to Nature as the supreme ordainer causes him with characteristic forthrightness contemptuously to reject the perverted roles being assigned to the sexes in the communistic, “permissive,” Christianized mentality of what is today called “Democracy.” This contemporary feminization of men and masculinization of women, contrary to Nature, receives his caustic condemnation in detail in his article “Sex & Women.” There he voices a choice confronting men which is decisive for the race: a return to manliness or an eventual disappearance in disgrace. “Until our males realize that death in battle is far better than the slow death of racial extinction, or the mental torture of watching our women be defiled, there is no hope.”

David Lane, as you will see from this collection of his writings, has had much to say on many things. In the far reach of his opinions we find, for instance, in his bulletin, under the heading of “Money,” a masterly simplification of the exploitive and restrictive banking business so injurious to White welfare, and two issues later, in an issue devoted to “Strategy,” a shrewd analysis of the realistic hopes for recruitment and advance to power.

More to come..