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Mourning The Ancient: You’ve written a few books and a number of articles since your incarceration. Could you sum up these to us? Are they still available for purchase, and if so, where can one obtain them? Do you have plans to write more books in the future? Perhaps you are in the process? I also understand a website is being created, can you tell us anything about this as well?ddd

David Lane.: In addition to ‘Deceived, Damned and Defiant,’ I wrote a short novel called ‘K.D. Rebelabout the establishment of a white homeland beginning in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. And I am now working on additions in order to make it a full length novel. Hopefully someone will then come up with the money to have it printed in proper book form. (1)



For now it can be read at:








“To summarize, let us recognize that revolution only comes from those who are totally disenfranchised. The term “women and minorities,” united against the White male is a clever and deadly efficient strategy, although minorities should read “Vast Majorities.” Only a total revolution with an end to technological police powers, communications, transportation and modern comforts can save our kind now. And the revolution must come from White males.

The poorest of White women today live in splendor undreamed by the Queen of England 200 years ago. All due to the inventions of White males, such as flush toilets, washers, dryers, ranges, telephones, central heating, housing, air conditioning and on and on. Yet they revile us as racists and sexists if we plead for racial loyalty. The more beautiful of our women are centerfolds, TV stars, movie stars, playthings for Skraeling (non-white) athletes, Christian Universalist race-mixers, who all bask in adulation and comfort. They will not join our cause and must be saved from their own folly.

Call it Ragnarok, or Rahowa or Armageddon, or whatever you like, but White men must bring the day of reckoning soon. Some will live, some will die. For those who live, let them enjoy their virgins or facsimiles thereof on this earth.

I have no faith in virgins in paradise. The wives, sisters and daughters of Christian Universalists, Politicians, Lawyers, College Professors and coaches, media prostitutes and a host of other race traitors will be a fine motivation and reward for the true soldiers of our folk who survive.



Maybe Bob Mathews said it best:

“Give your souls to your Gods and load your guns,
It’s time to deal in lead
We are the legions of the damned
The army of the already dead.”

Nature’s Command



“The fact is, our race cannot survive without nations exclusively our own. The fact is, America is dead as a White nation. It is a walking corpse, although we must remember that a dying (((beast))) is the most dangerous.

We have two options. One is to migrate back to Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine etc and warn folk there. The second is to try to form a White nation in the American continent.

I wrote a short novel titled KD Rebel using the second scenario that can be read on this site.

But do realize that such a new nation must begin surreptitiously. For various reasons I have advocated the Colorado Rocky mountains for a beginning.

Tattoos, swastikas, confederate flags, emblems signifying racial pride are already the equivalent of painting a target on ones chest. Leave that to a few spokespersons who accept the risks. In an occupied country a wise man does not identify himself to the enemy. Sustenance and cleansing the new nation are subjects that are best not discussed here or publicly. Except to say, much must be clandestine. Cleansing actions must whenever possible be the work of lone wolves who tell no one else of their actions. Not wives, comrades, relatives or anyone. Braggadocio is suicide. As a philosopher said over 200 years ago “three can keep a secret if two of them are dead“.

Remember that for which we fight. For me it is to preserve the beauty of the White Aryan Woman on earth. It is not because of our ability to create technological gadgets. Our technology is always given to other races, and/or used against us. And that technology will be used in an attempt to spy on and destroy the nation we must create. Learn the meaning of cunning. Courage without cunning is suicide. Brave Aryans have killed brave Aryans for untold centuries while cowardly but cunning (((Jews))) rule the world. So under Nature’s harsh law, ie survival of the fittest, which was the more valuable trait? Cunning or courage? Actually we need both! I remain yours for truth, reality, reason and the 14 Words: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

“I hope the readers of this article will also peruse a short novel I wrote titled K.D. Rebel. It is not designed as a detailed blueprint for the White homeland, but the philosophy, the migration, the cleansing of the territory and other ideas are interspersed into the action. Of course, in the beginnings of the nation deniability must be maintained. No burning crosses, no swastikas and no literature distribution within Kinsland until the borders are defensible. And the cleansing must appear to involve accidents.

This brings us to the all-important subject of women, since reproduction is the first necessity for racial survival. Even the few, actually very few, women now dedicated to our cause are denying reality. The days of the suburban dream house, immaculate lawns, safe schools, homecoming queens and dances, corsages, chivalry, romance, etc., are over. The fairy tale life of the 1950s was a tiny unrealistic blip in the life of our folk and in the cold, hard history of civilizations.

Now we shall pay the price for destroying the racial character of our European homeland, and for not being vigilant on this continent. Nature is never fooled for long. Those who give up power, whether it is White males in particular or White people in general, will soon face slavery and extinction.” –  An Open Letter To The Reality Deniers

“There may be little time left for the truth-tellers. That means that brutal truth about the hypocrisy of an alleged resistance to the Judeo-Christian, Judeo-American murder of the White race must be exposed in detail...NOW. Hopefully, it has not escaped your attention that “leaders” with a compromising message seldom receive the treatment from ZOG that I have gotten. It is the focused power of the message in the 14 Words that the enemy fears over all else. Those who refuse to accept and teach the true history of the executioners’ religious and political institutions seem immune from any persecution beyond verbal abuse. But then, those who teach obedience to the executioners’ race-murdering “law,” or preach “occupy till he comes,” or wait for “der tag” or other deceptions serve the tyrant perfectly. I repeat, political, religious and economic systems can be destroyed and replaced, but the death of the White race is eternal. Therefore, the only issue deserving the consideration by any sane White man today is the 14 Words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” If you are a White male who still wonders why it matters, I give you these 14 more Words: “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.” This is why a true White man fights.” – Now or Never




“Well, Whitey, the time of reckoning is at hand. Stand up now or face racial extinction. Build a homeland or die trying. There is no longer anything to lose except slander and slavery. It’s time to get tough, physically and mentally. Put away the beer and the drugs. Turn off the TV. Take a course in real martial arts, not the goofy stuff on TV. Richard Scutari of the Order Bruder Schweigen can point out the proper martial arts discipline, as he is a true expert. Join one of the three arms of the resistance. Build a homeland. Learn the skills of survival without modern conveniences. Learn to avoid scrutiny by Big Brother. There can be no more compromise with reality denial. Until we have a White homeland with defensible borders, or at least secret borders, you will not have many of our beautiful women. And even then for a while you will have to capture them and re-educate them. From time immemorial those out of power have raised armies with promises of plunder, revenge and above all the seizing of women. This is the time of Ragnarok when all false dogmas die. Morality consists of reproduction, survival of the race, and loyalty to our comrades. And not much else.” – Reality Denial


“Because I speak the truth, there isn’t a woman in the world that doesn’t despise me. We want a “responsible” man they proclaim. Well, what is “responsibility” in an occupied country but treason and slavery. Go off to your factories and warehouses, your counting houses, your fields and slave your life away. Then pay half of your wages in taxes that are used to finance the murder of your race.

After work, relax in your Chinese made clothes, eat off your Korean dishes, and on your Japanese TV, watch as White women cavort with Jews, Negros and Mexicans. Guess I am the best one to speak the truth. Can’t get a woman into prison to give me some loving anyway. So let ’em hate me.

From the dawn of history, those out of power have raised armies with promise of plunder, revenge and capturing women. There are no other possible motivations or rewards. Do not try to intimidate the last possible White warriors with reactionary buzz words like: theft, rape and murder. The “Law” is what those in power, use to enslave those who are out of power. White man, you are a defeated comical slave, laughed at by all the world and scorned or used by your own women. Does the term “women and minorities” ring a bell for you? The alliance is against you. And you are the true minority to boot. Your choices are twofold; accept your chains, the demise of your race and the loss of your women. Or consider and hearken to the words of Robert Jay Mathews, as he speaks from his grave:

“Give your souls to your Gods and load your guns, Its time to deal in lead. We are the legions of the damned, The army of the already dead….”

Unless we have an unseen army of total Barbarians, devoid of pity, of compassion, of compunctions, of restraining moralisms, we are doomed. He who practices chivalry, when the enemy has none, fights with both hands tied behind his back.

Our army must have commitment equal to that of Palestinian suicide bombers fighting to free their land from the (((scourge of all the earth))). Better one day as a lion, than years as a sheep. Take plunder, women and the lives of your enemies. Let no pleasure pass you by in your short sojourn on Midgard, including revenge, wives, sisters and daughters of your enemies. How many live priests or virgin nuns do you think your Viking ancestors left behind when raiding the monasteries or convents of the evil anti-nature occupation of Europe twelve centuries ago?!? Civilization has ended, this is war.

Be a Berserker until the day you depart for Valhalla with a pound of the enemies lead in your still defiant body!!!

Only out of anarchy and revolution can a new White nation arise. And if you do not succeed, let the enemy speak in horror, for generations to come, of the fury of the last Northmen.” – Open Letter To A Dead Race


Mourning The Ancient: It is the children and young people who will inherit this world. What advice could you give them regarding the future and what you think must be done?

David Lane.: My heart breaks for them. But they have no choice, get tough or die. I have written a short novel titled ‘K. D. Rebel‘ in which I outline one possible scenario. And am now working on an addition to add details on the possible formation of a white homeland. Meanwhile, our folk must learn to be chameleons. In an occupied country a wise man does not tattoo a target on his chest, or elsewhere for that matter.

Mourning The Ancient: You have been very outspoken in your admiration of Robert Mathews. Your name and his name seem irrevocably intertwined. Could you tell us the reasons behind your admiration for him? Although some books have been written regarding him, they are usually from either a historical perspective or a biased one, or both, could you help us to better know and understand him?

David Lane.: I have no idea how to do him the honor he deserves. In the novel ‘K.D. Rebel‘ I called the hero Trebor, which is Robert spelled backwards. This was to honor Bob.

Shall I fill a page with words like loyal, brave, dedicated and heroic? If the day comes that our race secures its existence, and if I am not alive to ensure it is built, I hope the folk will erect a monument in his memory that school children will visit for ages to come.


“First of all, you better realize that our women are not coming back by friendly persuasion. We have exactly nothing to offer. They scoff at us and spit in our faces, calling us the system buzz words like “sexist” and “racist.” So, you are going to take them back the way it has been done throughout the ages of history. That is why nature made you bigger, faster, stronger and a creature of lust. If your women had been captured by foreign armies with guns, you would not hesitate to take them back with guns. Do you not see that they were captured with money and deceit, but they are just as gone. Recently I saw a cartoon with four cavemen. Three of them carrying clubs were dragging captured women home by the hair of their heads. A fourth caveman stood alone, holding a bouquet of flowers and looking perplexed that he had no woman. Neither he nor you should be a bit perplexed. Might makes right. All the feminist buzz words about kidnapping, rape, slavery and “rights” will not change one clear fact. Three cavemen with clubs and balls had women. The civilized wimp with flowers had none. Deservedly, his genes pass into extinction.

Of course sex, women, reproduction and preservation of the race are inseparable from the territorial imperative. Hopefully by now we have purged all the reality deniers from our midst. If you think you can vote a nation for our people after seeing what America did to Germany, South Africa, Dixie, Sam and Vicki Weaver, and on and on, then depart now for the nearest mental institution. If you think our race can survive without exclusively White nations after the examples of Northern India, Carthage, Egypt, Persia and on and on, then depart now for the funny farm. If you think your God will do it for you, please depart now for psychiatric help. As Louis Beam once said, “God gave you the intelligence to build guns. But he will not pull the trigger for you.”

Remember it is essential to reach ever more of our folk with the message of racial survival. I wish you all the very best. You are dealing with pure, malignant evil, with devils incarnate. You will be targeted by the Federals, as their goal is your extinction. They will demonize you and your beliefs to deflect attention away from their own crimes. Go to the struggle with absolute defiance and accept what the Norns decree in likewise manner. 

A Federal is not fit to suck the sweat from your dirty socks. Give them no satisfaction. I am sure that with the strength gained from the certainty of moral rectitude you will bring honor to a thousand generations of your ancestors. With the fanaticism of desperation, yet the cunning and stealth of a Viking warrior, you must live and spread the concept stated in the 14 WORDS.” – Fanaticism of Desperation


“I did not sacrifice my freedom and spend the last 20 years in prison for technological gadgets, artificial religions or materialistic decadent societies. I fight to this day for my personal Fourteen Words, which are, “BECAUSE THE BEAUTY OF THE WHITE ARYAN WOMAN MUST NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH.”

tumblr_of9o50oduu1vihg7zo1_1280Sexual lust is the mother of battle lust and battle lust is the mother of nations. That is why our indigenous religions were fertility based. Will the castrated, fat, lazy, programmed pile of walking camel dung which is the modern White man put down his six pack of beer and his television channel changer, in order to obey nature’s highest law? Television where he worships negro ball players, as the pretty White cheerleaders in their short skirts get wet panties over those who never invented a wheel or a written language. The subliminal message is clear and constant!

Will Bob Mathews and the members of The Order ever be honored for their sacrifices? Will beautiful White women love us? No, but they will get wet panties over freaks like Michael Jackson.

Does the White Aryan race deserve to survive? Nature’s laws, harsh and unyielding will decide. Fight or die, kill or be killed, reproduce or perish. That is the decree of nature’s God.” – Open Letter To All Christians


All existing governments in the once White political states now deny us hegemony and the exclusive territorial imperatives necessary to our survival as a biological and cultural entity.….we further demand the formation of exclusive White homelands on the North American continent and in Europe. If denied, then we will seek redress in whatever measures are necessary” – White Genocide Manifesto



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