WILL OF THE ARYAN NATION: The upward path of the Aryan Spirit!

Before the dawn of recorded history was Wotan. Through the millennia the Aryan tribes have called him Odin, Woden or Wotan. Recognizing that religious belief springs from the soul of a people, from the consciousness of the blood, so sprang Wotan. Volk is Nordic for ‘Folk,’ the culture-producing, culture-bearing part of the race, who value ancestry and heritage! Wotansvolk live by these 14 Words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”


Wotansvolk have appeared and reappeared throughout the endless chapters of history. When Aryan survival is threatened, the spirit of Wotan re-emerges in the race. Wotansvolk is a state-of-mind, a folk-consciousness, both individual and collective.

To be Wotansvolk is to fulfill the upward evolutionary path of natural instinct and biological determination. It is the will to preserve our own kind by the acknowledgment of our genetic uniqueness. It is to honor our ancestors who have built the greatest civilizations ever to exist on this planet. It is an innate battle spirit with a noble mission and the courage of steel which knows not fear. It is the will to victory and the ability to secure it.

Wotansvolk is a pure expression of Nature in its unquestionable perfection. The first and highest law of Nature is the preservation of one’s own kind. Nature decrees that ‘might is right‘ and the will to survive justifies the means.

After two thousand years of universalist, alien religion imposed by force of government on the Aryan tribes, White man must face his reality. Racial integration is genocide, forced integration is deliberate and malicious genocide. Until the Wotan consciousness awakens our racial imperative, extinction is a very real danger. Wotan is the spirit within the Aryan male which tortures his soul with the knowledge that the beauty of the Aryan woman may soon cease to exist on the earth forever if the 14 Words do not become reality.

The spirit of Wotan must again stir the souls of our valient warriors, to unite us in purpose and to inspire wisdom, courage and noble deeds. The power of Wotansvolk is invincible and eternal. To be triumphant is the only recourse; there are no alternatives; there is no compromise. So, as generations of our martyred forefathers laid the foundation for our continued existence, we strengthen that chain of heredity with our nature ordained determination and duty.

It is the mystery of the blood. Wotansvolk rises out of the mystical soul of our people to bind us together as one Folk, one Destiny, certain Victory!


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